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Freelance Brand Strategist / Creative Copywriter

M is for Magda. I spell and perceive it in two different ways; As am (M/m), which describes the kind of professional I am, and as me, which is also the first character of my name (Μ/μ), according to the Greek alphabet.
Advertising professional, with a creative approach to things. Attracted by inspiring people. Equipped with smile and positive attitude. Staying in love with my job keeps me one step ahead. It derives from the challenge that in advertising thereʼs always a brand new field to explore. Throughout my studies and my work experience, I have developed excellent management, organisational, and communication skills in all aspects. I have good knowledge of agency working and can work under pressure in order to meet deadlines. I am self-motivated with a professional attitude and very keen in learning and developing new skills.
I have ideas in my head.
And I can make them happen.
I a specialist
At Branding, Naming & Name Development, Social Media, Project Management from brief to completion.
My studies and my work experience played a crucial role.

2004-2005:   MA in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

1999-2004:   BA in Marketing and Advertising, Faculty of Management and Economics, Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki

Employment History

May 2011-present

Freelance Brand Strategist & Creative Copywriter collaborating with clients and A-Class creatives, like Sofia Papadopoulou, Big Horror Athens, Andia Angelidou, Point Blank and Notorius Grey, just to name a few.

is my "private label" and this is what i do as a freelancer.
  • Naming & Name Development (brands, products, services, domains)
  • Branding – Brand Strategy
  • Concepts
  • Advertising Campaigns – Offline
    Concept / copywriting / creative direction for TV and Radio Commercials, corporate and product videos, print (brochures, magazine and newspaper ads, printed promotional material)
  • Digital and Social Media Campaigns
    Concept / copywriting / creative direction for online advertising campaigns, adwords content
  • Websites & Eshops / Copywriting
  • Social Media Content
  • Email Marketing – Newsletter Copywriting

Orange Advertising
Creative Supervisor & Copywriter
July 2013-November 2015

  • Create ideas for advertising campaigns and websites – Creative Strategy
  • Communicate ideas to the team and help them deliver to the objectives
  • Produce concepts to illustrate ideas
  • Communicate ideas to the team and help them deliver to the objectives
  • Copywriting
  • Naming
  • Social Media Maintenance

tria Advertising Company
Account Manager
May 2008-present

  • Project management from brief to completion – offline, online & btl projects
  • Social Media Optimization and page maintaining
  • Effectively executing marketing strategies, problem solving and developing business relationships
  • Traffic management
  • Ensuring that all assignments are executed timely and accurately
  • Developing, executing, and managing media plans best suited to meet established client requirements and objectives
  • Briefing and communicating the clientʼs needs clearly to the agency team, in order to maximize staff time and energy
  • Manage external suppliers
  • Presentation

Minds S.A. Advertising Company
Account Executive/Copywriter
December 2005–May 2008

  • Coordinating client projects
  • Liaising with clients
  • Executing strategies, problem solving & developing business relationships
  • Ensuring that all assignments are executed timely and accurately
  • Executing media plans best suited to meet established client requirements and objectives
  • Copywriting

National Bank of Greece
Personal Banking Assistant
October 2003 – April 2004

  • Assistance in the administration and promotion of the departmentʼs services – loans, credit cards, bank accounts
  • Liaising with customers, building relationships with them, recommending the right services to meet their needs
  • Data entry, filing
What I capable of.
Further Skills
  • Excellent computer literacy, in both Mac and PC environments
  • Excellent competency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Languages spoken:
    - Mother tongue Greek
    - Fluent English - written & spoken
    - Italian - Diploma di Lingua Italiana
I interesting and interested
  • Tennis
  • Travel
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Cinema
  • Cycling
  • Trend watching
  • Fashion
This is
Let's work together!

Address: 189, Delfon str., Depot
54655, Thessaloniki, Greece
T: +30 6945773941